August 2020

Why Print? - A Summary

The Why Print? Campaign has been a favorite for printers for the last 15 years for a very simple reason:  Print demand is declining.  The prevailing opinion, among some marketers, is that it’s not relevant in today’s environment and is no longer effective.  Following are some nuggets of information that will hopefully change that opinion.  We plan to bring you many more posts that will detail, with data, just how effective print can be and Why YOU should Print!

In 2013 Vladimir Gendelman wrote a terrific article found HERE titled “Six Common Print Marketing Myths Debunked”.  It is a great summation of why today’s marketers MUST print and you will find that it is critical to the success of your business.  Another article written by Anastasia Belyh followed with the same title.  The date of that article?  September 2019.  Both articles are worth your time if you are a marketer or business owner.  Summed up in one sentence:  Print is a sustainable, effective marketing channel that can be cost effectively utilized to target your specific audience.

“I understand” you say.  “But it takes forever to concept, produce and get print in front of my customer”.  Here is a tip that you can implement for your next marketing strategy session:  invite your print representatives to the meeting.  They can help direct the production of your project, point out efficiencies to take advantage of, suggest cost saving papers, provide mock-ups and other tools that will help you roll out the printed portion of your campaign or strategy quickly.

Print is credible, it is real, and something you can hold on to or share.  It is also not quite as easy to hit the delete button or miss it on a twitter feed.  We have seen growth in company brochures and direct mail because of the results they produce in conjunction with good websites and effective use of social media.  Books and newspapers may be fading and permanently on their way to your tablet or mobile device, but printed marketing collateral will continue to help your business Thrive!

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