October 2020


The interest and investment in environmental graphics prior to the pandemic of 2020 was reaching an all time high until coming to a dramatic dip due to stay at home orders and social distancing. However, companies also saw the temporary work from home circumstances as an opportunity for make overs in their places of business to welcome back their employees.

Environmental graphics include wall coverings, dimensional signage, floor graphics, window film and many more applications.  With the recent advent of digital wide format printing and a vast array of media to choose from, designers can create custom workspaces at a much more reasonable cost.  Not to mention enhancing the whole feng shui effect.

Workplace health will be an incredibly important initiative to encourage employees to come back to the office.  In addition to reinforcing company culture and values, environmental graphics will help:

• Reduce Stress and Improve Mood
• Increase Productivity
• Encourage Creative Thinking
• Enhance the Customer Experience

If you are looking for a new experience in your workplace, here a few resources for you:

Heather Novak-Peterson

RSP Architects

Alan Schutte - Platt Hollow Road

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Wide Format
Wall Coverings
Window Film

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