September 2020

LET’S PRINT! - A Campaign for ALL Businesses

In 2016, we set out to encourage companies to print with our Let’s Print! campaign.  It was a wildly successful re-introduction to print comprised of simple blog entries and 8 individual postcards printed in a variety of ways on a variety of paper stock.  Just how successful was it? We had the strongest year over year revenue growth in over 15 years!  Time to celebrate Print once again.

The allure of the more recent marketing strategies can be boiled down to two important reasons:  speed and cost.  How fast can we get our message to our audience?  We need it now.  It’s easy to type in 140 characters or pop an image on Facebook.  It’s also instantaneous.  But is it truly effective?  More on Why you should print HERE.

What if we told you there was a way for your audience to physically touch and interact with your company without having to be in the same room, building or city?  What if we told you that this interaction can greatly influence their decision to buy your product, use your service or donate to your cause?  Would you be interested in what it was?  Would you do it?

In Scientific American, F Jab writes

“When touch is part of an experience, it helps shift the brain into the deep level of engagement most conducive to building knowledge.”  

Why, then, have some marketers and organizations shifted to a more digital-focused marketing strategy? The goal is to engage our audience, not estrange them.  Connect with them, not abandon them. More on the Neuro Science of Touch and the Haptic Brain in a future post! Sneak peek HERE.

Touch is a fundamental human need.  By printing, you engage in the physical world.  By printing on textured papers, working with unique coatings and finishes such as die-cutting, you connect to their senses!  Print and paper is the only method to cost effectively reach your audience in this way.  Now more than ever, it is time to connect physically with our audience.  Time to Print.

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