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The Fox with the Golden Fur Shadow Box

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This unique box features laser die-cut dividers that create a shadowbox. Each divider separates a chocolate bar wrapped in colorful foil while the printed outer wrappers depict scenes from the fable. Remove the gold foil stamped story book and read along as you eat your way through this delicious tale.


21.5pt. Verigood Blotter Cover, 100# Whipcream French Poptone Cover, 80# Butcher White French Durotone Text, 80# White French Parchtone Text


4-Color Process + 2 PMS


7.5" x 5" x 5.25"


Die Cut, Foil Stamp, Saddle Stitch, Hand Assembly

From time-to-time a customer presents you with a challenging project that has the potential for an amazing outcome.

 These types of projects can be daunting at first because of the complexity and amount of details involved in order to produce the final product.  In addition, the research and communication with our customer, Ultra Creative, had to be at the highest level.  We are very thankful they gave us this opportunity to help them shine.

Each year Ultra Creative starts from scratch to create a fully original dimensional gift that is intricate, interactive, and a talent showcase to give to their customers around the holidays. Enter “The Fox with the Golden Fur Shadowbox” - a storybook and laser die cut paper shadowbox with amazing illustrations on custom chocolate wrappers to tell a story of both fantasy and fairy tale. Truly, storytelling and simple elegance at its finest.

For this year’s gift, we utilized the most detailed laser die cutting to create an exquisite layered visual to achieve a 3D affect inside the shadow box. It earned First Impression Group its first National Benny award – the most prestigious award in the printing industry.  Such intricate detail, like the tiny notches depicting birch bark and small rain drops falling from the sky are examples of the amount of incredible detail involved. From the foil stamped Verigood Blotter Cover that makes for a wonderfully tactile feel on the outside of the box, to the candy wrappers that give added shine and colors to the scene dividers filled with chocolate bars, the materials and print techniques used has no equal.

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